Wednesday, February 3, 2016

HPS - February 2016 Competition Results for 'Red'

The first competition of the year was titled 'Red' and these were my two entries.

Red Door earned an Honours.

This was shot in Guangzhou and is the door to a temple.  At the time I took this shot I knew it would used in the future.  I have heavily cropped it to provide a focus on the form of the panelling.  I thought it might be worthy of a Merit or Highly Commended, so was chuffed with Honours

Red Wave earned a Highly Commended.

I shot this up in the Brick Bay Sculpture Park at Snells Beach.  There were series of sculptured metal forms with strong powder coated finishes.  The narrow depth of field provided a focus for the lip of the form.  The feedback was that there was quite a bit of negative space at the base that didn't add to the image.  I'm not sure about this because I had already heavily cropped the image.

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