Saturday, March 12, 2016

Pasifika - March 2016

This morning I popped down to the Pasifika Festival to soak up the atmosphere.  It wasn't 'rocking' but I thought that was probably because it was the morning of the first day.  Still, I had a great couple of hours and caught a few good PJ (photojournalism) shots.  I had another engagement in the afternoon which would have probably been the best time.  Oh well, next year maybe.

Samoan Elvis - great voice but didn't really have the King's moves.  He needs a bit more exposure to work on them.  Still good fun to watch.

 Never throw water on an oil fire.  A particularly important point for the Pasifika community because they cook with oil quite a lot (as does everyone else I guess).
Crowd Zumba - well, just one person in the crowd, but she was having fun and right in to it.
Samoan Beauty

Traditional Necklace of painted pods

Green Competition

The most recent competition at Henderson Photographic Society was 'Green' as part of the RGB range (next up will be Blue).  It struggled to think of anything other than plant life, the most obvious source of inspiration.

When I was in Brisbane over the Christmas period I caught these two images in my sister's back yard.

I received Highly Commended for both so not a bad effort.

The green pattern below is a shallow shot of a garden table top that I have cropped right in so only the pattern is obvious, not the object.