Tuesday, October 9, 2012

ULearn12 - Keynote One

Dr Jason Ohler - Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Digital Storytelling through digital literacy.

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Learning through music - he could hear music but couldn't read it - his teacher gave him a listening test which he passed with flying colours - multiple intelligences - has since written loads of music.

Miss Phelps and John Hasselback - inspirational teachers.

BYOD - get students to bring their own devices and shift the cost of this technology away from schools and kindergartens.

We are Mobile; Connected; Where does school fit into this?  Who is the teacher?

Augmented reality - what you can see and download information to help - video with glasses.  Media literacy will be new way of learning and finding info - walking through town and McDonalds, BurgerKing will be fighting to have this info there for you.  Trigger and overlay.

Text to media collage - written is becoming less important with the depth of information that can be shown on e-learning sites

screen + easel = screasel   as new way for children to interact with various art forms.

Value writing - it is not a lost artefact
Adopt Art - leads to wonderful literacy
Follow the DAOW of literacy - oral language is there as well
The attitude is the aptitude.
We have personal and social literacy - pursue knowledge together and collaboratively.
Technology connects and disconnects - microwave analogy.

Hans Roslings - 200 countries in 200 years - video on BBC Four

Math is not static and solving preconceived problems - very 2D
Everyday experiences use basic Maths concepts

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