Saturday, March 12, 2016

Pasifika - March 2016

This morning I popped down to the Pasifika Festival to soak up the atmosphere.  It wasn't 'rocking' but I thought that was probably because it was the morning of the first day.  Still, I had a great couple of hours and caught a few good PJ (photojournalism) shots.  I had another engagement in the afternoon which would have probably been the best time.  Oh well, next year maybe.

Samoan Elvis - great voice but didn't really have the King's moves.  He needs a bit more exposure to work on them.  Still good fun to watch.

 Never throw water on an oil fire.  A particularly important point for the Pasifika community because they cook with oil quite a lot (as does everyone else I guess).
Crowd Zumba - well, just one person in the crowd, but she was having fun and right in to it.
Samoan Beauty

Traditional Necklace of painted pods

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